Design Showcase

MGC Logo Design and Website Theme

Below is a showcase of my work for Mac Game Cast. I designed a logo identity and website theme for this client. If you like my work please comment below. If you are looking for someone to do some design work for you please contact me with details using the contact form.

Final Logo Design

Mac Game Cast Logo Design This is the final logo design chosen by the client. Mac Game Cast is a basically a mac games podcast site with the main focus being audio. I tried to illustrate and emphasize that as much as possible in the design. All of my logo designs are built from initial client input in the form of a simple sketch or detailed description and then I make several iterations based off that for the client to choose from.

Client Logo Presentation

Below is an example of a typical logo presentation for the client. These are several variations based off of the same basic design to give some ideas to the client, from this they can choose one particular design or several elements that can then go through one or more revisions towards the final result.

Mac Game Cast Logo Presentation

Website Theme based on the Logo Design

This is the website theme designed after I created the logo. This follows in the same vein as the logo with the focus being primarily on the audio aspect.

Mac Game Cast Web Theme Design

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